Returning to Work

Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues,

It has indeed been an interesting and challenging time, being at home instead of working. While I would much prefer to work, observing CDC and Governor Kemp’s guidelines, I have needed stay away from work.  Admittedly, there are some benefits to staying home, so I am not totally complaining, but I do miss seeing all of you.  My return to work date is July 6.  I will be in touch with everyone who is on my schedule, and will begin rescheduling those that had to be canceled during these past three and a half months.

Please see below the guidelines set out in executive order by Governor Brian Kemp.  These have been extended to August 11.  Please read through the executive order, including guidelines in Section III – Sheltering In Place on pp. 6-7, which you can find at this link: These guidelines will apply to many of you.  Please review and decide whether you will want to come in or need to continue to stay away from receiving work at this time.  The two pages for who should shelter in place are included in this document.

During this time, I have been gathering equipment and supplies that will enable me to provide a safer environment when seeing clients again.  These include:

  • New furniture that can be disinfected
  • Masks and goggles that I will wear while in the office
  • Surgical masks for clients, if they do not have their own already
  • Vinyl pillow covers that can be disinfected
  • Paper pillowcases that are disposable after each client use
  • Disinfecting sprays for surfaces including door handles, furniture and equipment
  • Two air purifiers with HEPA filtration (which were already in the office, and filters recently changed)

More will be added on specific measures, and guidelines for clients when arriving.  Some of the changes are listed here.  Please print the summary document from this website for your reference.

  • Fill out forms regarding your current health status and recent travels
  • Text from the parking lot (404-315-0099), and I will text you when it is OK to enter the office; adequate time will be taken between clients to disinfect surfaces
  • I will open the door, so you will not have to touch those surfaces
  • You will be required to wear a mask while in the office
  • Remove shoes in the waiting area
  • Please do not bring anyone else into the office with you.  The waiting area will be closed unless a child needs to accompany their parent to the office.  Please advise in advance if you plan to bring a child or children with you.
  • Disinfect hands when entering the office; hand sanitizer will be provided
  • Bring socks to wear in the office, as there is carpet that cannot be sanitized
  • Have your temperature taken using an infrared, no-touch thermometer
  • Shower and wear clean clothes, and make no stops between your home and my office
  • Preferably wear appropriate session attire underneath your clothes so you won’t have to change other than removing outer garments
  • A disinfected plastic bin will be available in the treatment room, to hold your outer clothes while you are having your session 
  • Wash hands after going to the restroom
  • Sanitize hands again when entering the treatment room
  • Sanitize hands before leaving the office
  • I will open the door when you exit, so you do not have to touch those surfaces
  • Credit or debit cards only, no cash or checks; signature will not be required

There have been many published articles with guidelines to safer practice.  However, nothing will completely mitigate risk of transmission.  You will be asked to sign a form stating that you understand that risk cannot be completely eliminated, and that you agree to receive work. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.  You can call or text me at 404-315-0099, or email

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks.

Warm regards,


Executive order guidelines - Sheltering In Place